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Welcome to ANI

We at the ANI app are passionate about good food and pleasurable and safe dining experiences.

We aim to help the dining community make informed and transparent choices, thus leaving them more empowered over the food they choose to order and eat.
ANI has been carefully designed to bring together restaurants and the public in an integrated and seamless ecosystem. Diners will be clear about exactly what is in the food they choose to eat by using the ANI app. The app will provide users a detailed and informed recipe nutrition and allergen information of their favorite food. Restaurants will be able to provide a detailed analysis of each ingredient on the menu making the dining experience one everyone can enjoy safely.


" To support ANI customers in making nutritional and lifestyle choices. Helping ANI partners transparently offer information, and put in the hands of the customer to support their individual choices. "


Our team strongly believe in a collaborative approach thus working in partnerships with the sector.


Our solution is designed for any food and beverage outlet regardless of your size and scale.


We hear the markets strong desire for greater insight into the food we purchase and consume.


Our vision is to connect individuals through the ANI community, inspiring passionate foodies about making allergen and nutritional lifestyle choices.


We understand the difficulty of a food and beverage operators environment, we put accurate information directly in the hands of the customer.

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